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Anjouan gambling licenses are affordable, making them perfect for online casino operators. Its low cost allows enterprises to enter the online gambling market while enjoying the benefits of a recognized and regulated area.

Key benefits and advantages:

  1. The license covers non-Anjouan companies.
  2. It’s affordable.
  3. It’s the sole Curacao-level gaming license.
  4. Banks, European financial institutions, and gaming B2B enterprises accept it.
Anjouan, an island in the Comoros, is causing a lot of excitement as it prepares to become the top location for licensing for online gambling. In comparison to other jurisdictions, the island offers a number of advantages, including a favorable regulatory environment and an easy application procedure.

Anjouan Regulatory Framework

Both new and seasoned online gambling firms are drawn to the Anjouan Gambling License’s regulatory framework. Operators have a lot of freedom because to a clear and understandable gaming regulation that also ensures great player safety and ethical gaming.

Low-cost License Fees

Comparing Anjouan’s license fees to those of other offshore gambling licensing jurisdictions, they are relatively low. Additionally, a license may be obtained from any business anywhere in the globe, enabling current operators to easily incorporate it into their current corporate structures.

Competitor advantage

Curacao has long led the field of online gambling licenses. However, recent years have seen an increase in competition from other governments. The Anjouan Gaming License is well-positioned to take advantage of this competition and establish itself as a popular option for a substitute or “backup” license given the uncertainties surrounding the planned changes in Curacao. This might make Anjouan the top location for online gambling licenses in the long run.

Benefits of Having a Gaming License in Anjouan

The price of an Anjouan Gaming License is one of its benefits. Comparatively speaking, the license fees and related expenses are less than those of other well-known gambling jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, or the Isle of Man. Anjouan is expected to be the most alluring choice for new and smaller gaming enterprises with tight budgets because of its affordability.

Additionally, the Anjouan licensing procedure is contemporary, efficient, and simple. Operators seeking an online gaming license must submit an application through GBO along with the necessary fees and supporting paperwork. The application is then assessed according to a number of factors, such as the operator’s honesty, financial soundness, and technological prowess. After the application is accepted, the operator is given permission to do business online from inside the borders of Anjouan.

There are several benefits that the Anjouan Gaming License has over other jurisdictions. The island is prepared to maybe take over from Curacao as the preferred location for online gambling licenses shortly.


Additional Elements Supporting Anjouan’s Popularity

  1. Tax-Free: Anjouan doesn’t impose taxes on online gross gaming revenue (GGR), which offers operators a substantial financial savings.
  2. Swift Licensing Process: Anjouan’s licensing procedure is rapid and effective, assisting operators in quickly launching their operations.
  3. Crypto-Friendly: For Anjouan licensed online gaming providers, cryptocurrency is a commonly accepted form of payment.
  4. Supportive supervisors: The Anjouan gambling License administration is very supportive of the online gambling sector and always willing to help businesses.


The Anjouan Gaming License is something to think about if you’re thinking about getting a license for online gaming. Its many benefits may help you save money, create your company more quickly, and operate a profitable gaming business. Although it is uncertain if Anjouan will overtake Curacao as the top location for licensing, its perks, advantages, and characteristics offer a compelling argument.

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