Anjouan Gaming License: First Choice Of The Gaming Industry

Anjouan Gaming License Provider

Welcome to Anjouan eGaming, your trusted expert for obtaining the Anjouan Gambling License and casino license. With over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, we specialize in providing comprehensive Anjouan turnkey solutions, including licensing, technology, corporate, and banking services. Whether you’re a company or an entrepreneur, we are equipped to help you secure your Anjouan Gaming License and Anjouan Casino License efficiently. Trust us to be your guide in navigating the complexities of the Anjouan gambling and gaming landscape.

Legal Framework

Anjouan Gambling License ensures fair and responsible gambling through robust laws and regulations, creating a secure gambling environment

Licensce Categories

Wide range of license categories, including online casino, bingo, lottery, affiliate, operator, white label, tech, and B2B Anjouan gaming licenses

Turn-key Solutions

We provide complete gaming solutions: company formation, licensing assistance, policy development, and banking options for legal operations.

Why Choose Us

Choose GBO, the leading corporate services company, for 15 years of experience, reliability, and professionalism.

Our Mission

To provide fast, fair, and professional services while adding value through banking, merchant, and system solutions


Team up with us to uncover B2B opportunities and provide excellent service to your clients

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    About us

    GBO, founded in 2009, has evolved to become a leading provider of licensing services for the gaming industry. We offer comprehensive gaming solutions for setting up gaming companies, including licenses, bank accounts, and corporate advice. With unwavering professionalism, we bring clarity to cross-border gaming business complexities.

    We operate globally, specializing in key gaming hubs including Anjouan, Curacao, Malta, and Gibraltar. For expert assistance in these leading jurisdictions, please contact us below.

    Anjouan Gaming License Structure

    Any company

    The online gaming license is held by the operating company, and it can be applied for in various jurisdictions globally

    Anjouan-eGaming License

    The Anjouan Gaming license enable you to  sign contract with financial institutions, suppliers and systems


    EU Company

    The required EU Entity to sign contracts with the Financial Institutions


    Merchant account for the processing of online payment cards (debit, credit, etc.)


    Electronnic Mony Institution

    Allows the company to receive the funds from PSPs and functions as a corporate account for any banking needs


    Get the Anjouan gaming license with #1 service provider in the market

    Apply for an Anjouan Gaming License today with Anjouan-eGaming.com and start your gaming business with the best service and costs in the industry. Our comprehensive licensing process includes assisting you with all necessary documentation and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The total cost for obtaining the license is €17,000, and the process can typically be completed within a few weeks, allowing you to launch your operations swiftly and efficiently. Start your journey in the gaming industry with us today!

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