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Welcome to our comprehensive suite of services related to Forex licensing in Comoros, encompassing licensing solutions, payment processing, and corporate services. Comoros is an exceptional jurisdiction for Forex licensing, providing a compelling alternative to popular jurisdictions such as Seychelles, Vanuatu, and St. Vincent. We invite you to explore further to understand the unique advantages that Comoros brings to your Forex operations.

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Forex License in the Comoros Islands: A Brief Introduction

The Forex industry is a significant contributor to the Comoros Islands’ economy. Numerous financial service providers have set up shop there in order to tap into this lucrative market. The Ministry of Finance and Budget is responsible for forex broker licensing and regulation in Comoros.

A forex license from the Comoros is advantageous for forex brokers. It allows them to establish a global presence and serve global investors. With a Comoros license, brokers can attract clients from various countries and conduct tax-free investment transactions.

Why Obtain a Broker’s License in Comoros?

Obtaining a license as a forex broker in Comoros has advantages:

  1. Comoros has the lowest capital requirements among all jurisdictions that offer forex brokerage licenses, making it a relatively inexpensive option.
  2. Comoros offers a tax-friendly environment for forex brokers, with income and foreign exchange taxes substantially lower than in the majority of other nations.
  3. Comoros has fewer regulatory restrictions than the majority of jurisdictions, giving brokers greater operational flexibility.
  4. In comparison to other jurisdictions, the license registration procedure in Comoros is straightforward and swift.
  5. How to Obtain a Foreign Exchange License in Comoros

To obtain a Forex license in Comoros, you must satisfy certain requirements. The primary ones are:

  1. Register your business and establish an office in Comoros.
  2. Ensure that your business complies with all Comoros and international regulations, including those concerning the protection of customer information and capitalization.
  3. Apply for a Forex license with the appropriate Comoros authority; this can take between three and six months.
  4. Cover potential customer losses with a financial guarantee.
  5. Offer superior customer service and superior products.
  6. Have knowledge of the Forex market.
  7. Documents Required for a Comoros Forex License

You must prepare the following documents and details:

  1. License application.
  2. A business plan that details the operations and growth strategy of your company.
  3. Copies of the registration documents for your company.
  4. Evidence of your business’s financial stability.
  5. Evidence that your company’s management and staff comply with Comoros law.
  6. A list of services your business will offer.
  7. Plans to safeguard the assets and transactions of clients.
  8. A list of banks with which your company intends to do business.
  9. A certificate stating that the managers and founders of your company have no criminal records.
  10. Copies of passports and other forms of identification for your company’s executives and founders.

The benefits of a Comoros forex license:

The following are a few of the benefits of obtaining a Forex license in Comoros :

  • Comoros has among the lowest capital requirements for obtaining a Forex license, making it a viable option for many businesses.
  • The process of obtaining a Forex license in Comoros is typically completed in as little as two to three months.
  • Tax Advantages Comoros offers substantial tax advantages. The absence of corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax is extremely advantageous for Forex businesses.
  • Comoros respects the privacy of businesses and provides a high degree of confidentiality.
  • Compared to many other jurisdictions, Comoros’ regulatory environment is more relaxed, making it easier for Forex businesses to operate.
  • International Recognition: A Comoros Forex license is internationally recognized, allowing businesses to operate globally.


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