Anjouan Gaming License Costs and Fees for 2024

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Understanding the Anjouan Gaming License Costs Including Maintenance: A Breakdown

A Breakdown of the Anjouan Gaming License Fee Structure:

Online gambling operators can save money by acquiring a gaming license from the island of Anjouan, which is part of the archipelago of the Comoro Islands. Prior to making a decision, it is essential to comprehend the financial costs involved. This article provides a comprehensive summary of the fees associated with acquiring and sustaining an Anjouan gaming license.

Let’s begin with Anjouan primary expense:

The annual license fees. These costs total €13,300 and include the initial setup and the required Internet Service Provider (ISP) service for compliance backups. This fee includes issuance within approximately two to three weeks, allowing anxious businesses to establish themselves quickly.

  1. The annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization fee must then be considered. This cost is €2,000 per essential individual and is required to operate with a gaming license. It is essential to consider this fee, particularly when budgeting for personnel expenditures in your organization.
  2. The initial annual compliance and due diligence fees, which are required for up to four Directors/Shareholders/Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), are also significant. This is a vital component of the Corporate Setup, license application, and maintenance. This service is priced at €1,700.
  3. Additionally, if your organization’s structure is complex, you may incur additional due diligence costs. These costs can range from €250 to €500 per subject; therefore, it is essential to account for them in your budget.
  4. Adding all of these costs yields an initial expenditure total of €17,000. This exhaustive summary illuminates the financial commitment required to obtain and maintain an Anjouan gaming license.

By comprehending each component of these costs, businesses can determine whether or not an Anjouan Gaming License is the best option. The favorable regulatory environment, rapid issuance time, and affordable operating costs make the Anjouan Gaming License a compelling option for many online gaming operators despite the initial investment.

Anjouan Gambling license prices maintenance annual fees.

The Anjouan Gaming License is renowned for its cost-effectiveness, but to completely realize its benefits, you must understand the annual maintenance costs. In addition, you may wish to contemplate additional optional services that support your operation. Here, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the Anjouan Gaming License’s ongoing annual costs and optional services.

Annual Recurring Costs:

  1. The principal annual expense is the Anjouan Gaming License fee of €13,300. This recurring cost is required to maintain your license active and your business in compliance.
  2. Each essential employee in your organization must also pay a €2,000 annual authorization fee. This fee ensures that all essential personnel involved in your operation meet the Anjouan gaming authorities’ regulatory requirements.
  3. In addition, annual compliance and due diligence fees are essential components of corporate governance and license maintenance. The annual cost of these fees, which cover up to four Directors/Shareholders/Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), is €1,700.

The annual maintenance cost is €17,000, which includes all of the above fees. It is essential to account for these expenditures in your budget to ensure that your business remains compliant and in good standing.

Optional supplementary services:

In addition to the annual maintenance fees, there may be additional services you find valuable.

  1. Establishing a company in multiple jurisdictions to serve as a License Holder costs €2,150, which includes the first year’s registered agent and office charge as well as government fees. This fee also recurs in the second year.
  2. It costs €4,700 to establish a Payment Agent Company in Cyprus, which includes the first year’s local secretary fees, registered office charge, and government fees. Typically, this service is used to establish payment accounts.
  3. The annual nominee director service and the annual nominee shareholder service are also available for €5,000 and €4,000, respectively. These services provide your operation with additional support and anonymity.
  4. Lastly, additional due diligence fees of up to €500 may apply, depending on the intricacy of your business structure and the number of individuals requiring verification.

Understanding these expenditures is crucial for budgeting and predicting the financial health of your business. Even with these ongoing costs, the Anjouan Gaming License provides significant value due to the favorable regulatory environment and widespread acceptability in the online gaming industry. Always consult licensing specialists and financial advisors to better comprehend these costs and ensure the success of your gambling operation.

As with any major business decision, extensive research and cost analysis are advised. If you are considering obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License, consulting with licensing experts and financial advisors can help you navigate these costs and ensure the financial success of your gaming operation.

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