Key Requirements for Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License

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Find the Anjoiuan gaming license requirements below:

Anjouan Gaming License  Requirements

An online gaming business startup can be a thrilling endeavor. Obtaining a genuine gaming license, however, is a crucial aspect that must be handled carefully. This article explores the essential requirements for obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License.
Curacao and the Anjouan jurisdiction share a similar legal framework, so their requirements are comparable.
You’ve got two choices to get the license: first, start a new company; or second, use a company that already exists in any place.

Company Formation: The first stage in obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License is forming a legal entity. This entails the establishment of a company under Anjouan‘s jurisdiction. The company will function as the legal holder and manager of the casino license.

Each officer, authorized person, shareholder, director, beneficial owner, and ultimate beneficial owner must provide the following evidence of identity and good conduct:

  1. Certified Copy of a Valid Passport: For identification purposes, this is required.
  2. Utility Bill Issued Recently: To verify the current residential address.
  3. Original Banker’s Reference: An official document issued by a bank indicating a minimum two-year banking relationship.
  4. This should come from an Accountant or Lawyer with whom the applicant has maintained a professional relationship for at least two years.
  5. Online casino Software Agreement and RNG Certificates: You must submit information about your gaming content, such as documents of agreements and/or third-party RNG (Random Number Generation) testing certificates and RTP (Return to Player). These demonstrate that your gaming platform is trustworthy, fair, and transparent.
  6. Proof of Domain Ownership: The registrant must provide evidence of domain ownership for the website that will host the gambling activities.
  7. Player Protection Measures: The applicant must provide copies of Terms & Conditions, which must include policies on juvenile gambling, responsible gaming, and player KYC (Know Your Customer) policies. This demonstrates the operator’s dedication to responsible gaming and user safety.
  8. The company must demonstrate financial sustainability and stability. This means that the company should have adequate funds to cover athlete payouts and other financial obligations.


Remember that all documents must be in English or accompanied by certified English translations, and must be dated within the past 90 days.

Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License that your online gaming business is legal, reputable, and in compliance with internationally recognized standards for fair gaming. It aids in establishing a positive reputation and gaining participants’ trust, which can ultimately contribute to the expansion of your business.

Please note that while this article is a useful starting point for legal matters, it is always advisable to seek professional counsel. At Anjouan eGaming, we provide assistance and direction throughout the entirety of the licensing procedure. Contact us immediately, and let’s navigate this journey together.

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