Steps 1+2: Launch Your Casino. Online Casino Company Formation and Licensing

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Step 1+2: Launch Your Casino. Online Casino Company Formation and Licensing

Entering the world of online gaming may be both thrilling and intimidating. It can be hard to resist the appeal of enormous revenues, a diverse clientele, and the exciting gaming industry. However, it’s not all glamour and bling. A thorough awareness of the regulatory environment, smart investment, and extensive preparation are required to launch a profitable online casino. Today, we’ll go deeply into this, beginning with the corporate and banking side, which comes first after business planning and budgeting.

Step #1: Establishing a company and open bank accounts and payment accounts

  1. The next major step is establishing the corporate structure after your business plan is in place and your budgeting is in order, which is frequently funded by founders as a loan to the yet-to-be-formed company.
  2. Creating a company: Begin by registering your business. The name shouldn’t be deceptive or compete with already-existing brands, and it should appeal to your target market.
  3. Banking Relations: Work with a financial partner who is familiar with the online gambling industry. Future transactions will be made without issue thanks to this. Do your study because not all banks will be willing to collaborate with you given the nature of the business.
  4. Initial Capital: Ensure that the founders’ initial loan is appropriately documented. The setup expenses, which include the license application fee, will be paid for by this loan.

Step #2. Apply for the Anjouan Gaming License or the new Curacao Gaming license

Why Anjouan? The Anjouan gaming license, hidden away in the Union of the Comoros, has gained popularity among aspiring casino owners. The main draws are its accessibility and the comparatively simple application process. Additionally, compared to some of its competitors, the Anjouan jurisdiction has fewer stringent regulatory requirements, which makes it a good option for start-ups and companies seeking greater flexibility. Here is how to obtain this license:

  1. Engage a Local Advisor: It will be helpful to have a local advisor or representative who is familiar with the Anjouan licensing procedure as the specifics of each jurisdiction can vary. They can help you navigate the complexities and make sure you don’t skip any important steps.
  2. You will need to produce particular documentation, as with any licensing procedure. This could consist of information on your product, your business model, financial stability documentation, and background checks on key owners or board members.
  3. Technical Systems Evaluation: The Anjouan authorities will demand proof that the software and systems at your casino are trustworthy, secure, and impartial. This often entails a systems evaluation by a reputable organization.
  4. Pay the Required Fees: You’ll need to pay the application and licensing fees after your paperwork is prepared and your systems have been assessed. Make sure you are upfront and transparent about the prices because the actual fee structure can change.
  5. When all requirements are satisfied and fees are paid, the Anjouan licensing organization will issue you a license, allowing you to legally run your online casino within their territory. You will be subject to recurring evaluations and audits to make sure you uphold the anticipated standards, just like any other licensing authority.

Why Curacao?  The Curacao gaming license, formerly known as the Malta license, is one of the most widely used options for online casinos. It is also less expensive than many other jurisdictions, and the application procedure is more efficient. These are the steps you can take to get it:

  1. Engage a Local Representative: As required by Curacao legislation, you must employ a local representative in order to submit an application for a license. In the course of the application procedure, this person or organization will represent you.
  2. Documentation: Gather and prepare the required paperwork. Business plans, software specifications, evidence of financial stability, and background checks on all significant parties are typically included in this.
  3. Technical Systems Audit: The Curacao authorities will want to make sure that your casino’s software is trustworthy and safe before giving a license. This calls for a systems audit by a reputable testing organization.
  4. Pay the Licensing Fees: After the audit is completed and your systems are found to be compliant, you must pay the licensing fees. It’s advised to check the official Curacao eGaming website or speak with your local agent because the precise amount varies.
  5. If all goes according to plan, you should obtain your Curacao gaming license. As a result, you will be able to legally run an online casino within their borders. Keep in mind that frequent audits and compliance inspections will keep making sure you uphold the requirements established by the licensing authority.


Starting an online casino is not a task for the timid. There are many things that happen behind the scenes, from corporate settings to navigating the complex world of licensing. Your ambition of running a successful online casino can, however, come true with careful planning, a solid business plan, and conformity to the law.


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