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GBO is a leading Forex corporate services company. We are experts in obtaining forex licenses from Comoros and other offshore jurisdictions


Hello! We offer a wide range of services for getting a Forex license in various jurisdictions, including help with licenses, handling payments, and providing corporate services. Comoros is a great place for Forex licensing, and it’s a good option if you want an alternative to popular places like Seychelles, Vanuatu, and St. Vincent. Feel free to learn more about the unique benefits that Comoros offers for your Forex business.


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Start Your Forex Brokerage Journey with GBO

Starting a forex brokerage is a stimulating task that goes into the most volatile areas of the financial market. The entire process is made easier with GBO, starting with a comprehensive market analysis to determine your niche in the forex industry. We assist you in selecting a business model that capitalizes on your unique capabilities, be it an emphasis on institutional or retail clients, or a combination of the two. With the aid of our specialists, a comprehensive operational strategy is formulated, taking into consideration critical elements including technology, client acquisition, risk management, and customer service excellence.


Formation of a Forex Company: The Cornerstone of Your Success

The establishment of a forex company is fundamental to your brokerage. You are not merely registering a company with GBO; you are also establishing the foundation for future prosperity. Our team conducts a comparative analysis of operational costs, tax implications, and regulatory frameworks to assist you in identifying the most advantageous jurisdiction. We undertake the complex procedures associated with establishing your corporate entity, which encompass the compilation of essential paperwork, obtaining registration from pertinent governing bodies, and guaranteeing adherence to all regulatory obligations right from the outset.


Strategic Planning for Your Forex Brokerage Enterprise

A thorough business plan serves as a strategic guide for achieving success in the fiercely competitive realm of foreign exchange trading. GBO initiates its methodology with an exhaustive phase of market research, during which potential customer segments are identified and competitor strategies are analyzed. Following this, we assist you in establishing precise business objectives, developing resilient financial models, and formulating practical revenue projections. By outlining marketing strategies, client retention tactics, and a systematic approach to expanding operations, your business plan will furnish you with a strategic manual that is in accordance with the most effective practices in your industry.


Conducting an Analysis of the Business Plan for Your Forex Enterprise

Your forex company’s business plan surpasses the confines of conventional templates. The specialized consultants at GBO work in conjunction with you to customize a strategy that effectively appeals to stakeholders and investors. Our primary areas of emphasis are the distinctive selling points of your services, the necessary technological infrastructure, and the personnel demands for optimal operation. A risk assessment outlining strategies to mitigate potential financial, operational, and market-related risks will also be incorporated into this plan.


Obtaining a Forex Trading License: A Regulatory Roadmap

Becoming a licensed Forex broker is a complex endeavor that demands an extensive comprehension of both domestic and international regulations. As your companion on this endeavor, GBO provides a comprehensive, step-by-step manual for the application procedure. We provide support in the form of documentation compilation, obtaining a Forex license, readiness for compliance audits, and consultations regarding adherence to the rigorous standards established by regulatory organizations. Our objective is to assist you in obtaining a forex trading license, thereby guaranteeing the legitimacy and reliability of your operations.


Establishing Your Forex Brokerage: An All-Inclusive Method

Establishing a foreign exchange brokerage is a complex undertaking that GBO streamlines. We cover every aspect, from integrating payment systems that ensure the smooth execution of financial transactions to selecting the optimal trading platform that meets the requirements of your clients. Implementation of security measures to safeguard your company and your clients’ investments is also incorporated into our package, which consists of the installation of CRM solutions for relationship management and nurturing.


A popular offshore Forex License in the Comoros Forex License

The Comoros Islands are an attractive location for forex brokers due to their significant contribution to the local economy and the favorable conditions offered for forex trading. The Ministry of Finance and Budget is the regulatory authority for forex licensing in Comoros, which provides brokers with the ability to operate globally and attract international clients with tax-free investment transactions.

  1. Key advantages of obtaining a forex broker license in Comoros include low capital requirements, a tax-friendly environment with lower income and foreign exchange taxes, fewer regulatory constraints, and a straightforward and fast licensing process.
  2. To obtain a license, brokers must register their business in Comoros, comply with local and international regulations, apply for a license (which can take 3-6 months), provide a financial guarantee, and demonstrate knowledge of the Forex market, along with offering excellent customer service and products.
  3. Required documentation includes a license application, a detailed business plan, company registration documents, proof of financial stability, compliance with Comoros law, service details, plans for client asset protection, bank affiliations, and clean criminal records for managers and founders.
  4. Benefits of holding a Comoros forex license are low capital requirements, a quick processing time of 2-3 months for obtaining the license, significant tax advantages like the absence of several types of taxes, a high level of business privacy, a relaxed regulatory environment, and international recognition of the license which facilitates global operations.

Forex Brokerage Business Plan / Business Plan for Forex Company

  1. Executive Summary:
    • Description: This section provides a snapshot of the entire business plan, highlighting the forex brokerage’s goals, the target market, financial projections, and funding requirements.
    • Example: “XYZ Forex Brokerage aims to provide cutting-edge trading platforms to retail and institutional investors, targeting an initial customer base in the European market with a projection of $5 million in revenue within the first three years.”
  2. Company Description:
    • Description: Offers an in-depth look at the forex brokerage, its legal structure, location, the nature of its operations, and the markets it serves.
    • Example: “ABC Forex Ltd, headquartered in London, is a private limited company offering online forex trading services to clients in Europe and Asia, specializing in major currency pairs and CFDs.”
  3. Market Analysis:
    • Description: This includes research on the forex market size, growth projections, market trends, and analysis of competitors.
    • Example: “The global forex market sees a daily turnover of over $6 trillion, with a growth trend favoring technologically advanced brokerages. Our analysis indicates a gap in the market for mobile-first trading platforms.”
  4. Organization and Management:
    • Description: Outlines the organizational structure, detailing the roles of the management team and their experience.
    • Example: “Our management team comprises veterans from the forex and tech industries, including John Doe, our CEO with over 20 years in forex market strategies.”
  5. Services Offered:
    • Description: Details the specific services the brokerage will offer, such as currency pairs, margin trading, and educational resources.
    • Example: “We offer 24/7 trading on major and exotic currency pairs, leveraging up to 50:1, and complementary educational webinars for our clients.”
  6. Marketing Plan:
    • Description: Describes how the brokerage will attract and retain clients, including pricing strategies, advertising, and promotions.
    • Example: “Our marketing strategy includes introductory offers, a referral program, targeted online advertising, and partnerships with financial influencers.”
  7. Operational Plan:
    • Description: Explains the daily operations of the brokerage, including trading platforms, customer service, and back-office processes.
    • Example: “We operate on a MetaTrader 5 platform, provide 24-hour customer support via chat and phone, and utilize automated risk management systems.”
  8. Financial Plan:
    • Description: Provides forecasts on profit and loss, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and the break-even analysis.
    • Example: “We project a break-even point within the first 18 months, with an initial investment of $2 million and operating costs of $150,000 per month.”
  9. Funding Request:
    • Description: If seeking financing, this section specifies the required amount, the proposed use of funds, and the preferred terms.
    • Example: “We are seeking $3 million in funding to expand our technological infrastructure and marketing efforts, with an expected ROI of 15% per annum.”
  10. Appendix:
    • Description: Contains supporting documents and additional information like resumes, legal agreements, and technical details of the trading platforms.
    • Example: “Included are the CTO’s resume, our software license agreement, and a whitepaper on our proprietary risk management algorithm.”


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